updated on 4/12/2018
New Album!

A Hearty Thanks
Fiddler Chris Sexton reporting back again! It was an most excellent festival, and there are so many wonderful memories of good friends and family getting together to hear great music performed by some of the best and notable bands around. Several people I'd like to make sure get big thank-yous:

Our festival coordinator, Robyn Wines and her husband, NF bus driver Willie Wines, put their heart and soul into making sure everything ran smoothly. Robyn's last year, with the cancer diagnosis and all the chemotherapy and radiation treatments, has been a very difficult path, but that hadn't stopped her in getting the festival to be one of the best we've ever had. Willie has been equally devoted to Robyn and to the band driving us up and down the highways, and their work has not gone unnoticed. Three cheers for Robyn and Willie!

To all our volunteers: you are the backbone of our festival. You've done a lot of heavy lifting both figuratively and literally, and without you, we'd be lost. Thank you so much for being a part of Team Fancy - you're awesome.

To our vendors: we love what you have to offer. Thanks for sharing your talents with us, and we're already planning to have you all back next year if you'd like us to save your spot.

Finally, a festival is no festival without the fans. No matter if it was your first time or your 17th time, we are grateful that you showed up. Music needs two things to survive: the players and the audience. Your devotion and presence with us ensures that bluegrass music will continue to be a part of the Shenandoah Valley as long as we have anything to do and say about it. Speaking of which: we're already looking forward to the 18th, which will be September 20, 21, and 22! Hope y'all come back. :-)

Nothin' Fancy To Host 17th Annual Festival
Fiddler Chris Sexton here reporting on site:

Preparations are already underway for the 17th Annual Nothin' Fancy Bluegrass Festival at Glen Maury Park in Buena Vista, VA! The music starts on Thursday, September 21 and runs through the evening of September 23, and on Wednesday the festivities will kick off with a golf cart poker run and a corn hole tournament before a potluck supper and your hosts performing a few songs to kick off the festival on a high note. It will also be an opportunity to pick up the newest release from Nothin' Fancy, "It's a Good Feeling," which will be released nationally by Mountain Fever Records on September 22.

It's not too late to join in the fun! Come one, come all. Hope to see you here!

Keeping Up With Nothin' Fancy
The last few months have seen a lot of activity from Nothin' Fancy on the road, and there is just as much activity behind the scenes as well.

First, NF festival coordinator Robyn Wines has finished her chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer and awaits surgery scheduled for June 28. Thoughts and prayers go out to her and to her husband Willie, who is the loyal and incredible man who's been behind the wheel of the NF tourbus for almost a decade. Willie and Robyn work tirelessly for Nothin' Fancy, and during even the worst parts of the treatments, Robyn did not back down! Robyn and Willie together have been the face of courage during these last months, and the men of the band are truly blessed to have them both in our lives.

Second, Nothin' Fancy is pleased to finally announce that James Cox has accepted the job of playing the bass with Nothin' Fancy. James, the younger brother of guitarist Caleb Cox, has already been winning crowds over with his confidently solid playing, which belies his youth in relation to his bandmates. Keith Arneson, the 24-year-veteran of the U.S. Navy Band, described James' playing as "like a clock," and his quiet stage demeanor is a sweet contrast to the irresistible toe-tapping boom of the bass in his hands. Come out to a show for an opportunity to catch up with us and meet James "Cool Cat" Cox!

Finally and most recently, Ryan Frankhouser has been hired to work in the booking agent position for NF. No stranger to the stage himself as a front man with the highly successful Pennsylvania-based bluegrass band Remington Ryde, Ryan is a dedicated and persuasive hard worker who is also friends to fans, musicians, promoters, and festival coordinators alike. Ryan is both ambitious and enthusiastic, and his new booking agency, Grass Is Blue Entertainment, represents his own group, NF, and the Darrell Webb Band. He sent thanks in a public statement to Randy Graham "for all of his support and his blessing" after it was confirmed Ryan had accepted the offer to work with NF. He has already added bookings in very short order to the NF calendar, and we have high hopes that Nothin' Fancy will be working harder and more visible in the bluegrass circuit in the upcoming seasons thanks to Ryan Frankhouser and Grass Is Blue Entertainment!

That was a lot of news! Keep in mind that you can also follow us on Facebook and on Twitter. Hope to see you at a festival soon!

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